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Dearest Rome,

Ever since you walked into my life I have been smiling. There hasn’t been a night when I have gone to sleep with a frown on my face, and it’s all because of you. You’re the sweetest guy I know. You’re not like the others who just played with my emotions and left me hanging in thin air, that’s the reason why you mean so much to me. You’ve been there with me through my toughest times helping me cope up with life and its pain. I don’t know what I would do without you and for that, I thank you. I thank you for those times when I needed a shoulder to cry on or a hanky to wipe away my tears. Do you remember that time when I lost my first so called “love”, I wept so hard like a stupid child but you made my crying stop and told me that maybe the right guy is the one who is wiping my tears off and giving me my what you call “angelic smile”. Who knew that the one that I will truly love will be the one who has been helping me find it.

During my stay in this sweet death ride you were the only source of my soon to fade smile. You made me smile with your crazy acts and made me laugh with your silly jokes. You are the light of my world, my sweetest joker, my bringer of love and joy, oh how I wish I could spend more time with you.

Oh my sweet loving Rome, forgive me if at first I didn’t see the affection you’re showing and for not feeling the love you’re giving. I was just blinded by other guys that glitter but then I realize that you’re my gold. Now, I guess now is too late for me to say what I should have said before, it’s too late to show personally what I feel for you. With a deep regret in my soul, my life ends without having the chance to kiss you and return the loving you have given me.

Thank you Rome. Thank you for being a big part of my short life. Thank you for making my stay in this world worthwhile and worth having. If given the chance to live longer, I would spend until my last days being by your side and giving the love you truly deserve. I love you Rome, I love you. I hope you won’t forget about me even though I’ll be gone. I wish you’d find someone who would love you the way you loved me, someone who would live longer to make the remains of your days as beautiful as you made mine. With my last breathe I say to you, I LOVE YOU….

Sincerely, the one who loves you most.

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