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Under Renovation: Why I don't.


Well I’m not a birthday hater. I actually enjoy going to people’s birthday celebrations (some) but I really don’t celebrate mine. I have reasons why. They’re all stupid and “mababaw” but for me, its true. I don’t celebrate my birthday because I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about it….

I made this exactly a year ago and for some reason, it’s still the same for me. I reread it and I saw some wrong spellings and grammar. Maybe because I was frustrated while I was writing this. I remember typing it while I was sitting beside some friends who were busy being happy. I used the same iPod where I placed this in the notes. It was the last day for teenpreneuer challenge thingy. We lost but I wasn’t bitter because of that. Actually I was expecting that we’d lost. Earlier that day before they announced who won, some of my friends gave me this small pig cupcake. I gave no reaction. I just said thanks and continued working. I was. I seriously didn’t/don’t know why I was upset. I was totally happy just to be part of the teenpre challenge, I was thankful for the cupcake that I just left in the fridge and ate it on the 20th.

18 in 18 in 18

My ghood I’m getting older! Only 18 more days and I could be sent to jail. lol. I’m not expecting much since I’m not a fan of celebrating my birthday because reasons but oh well. Seems like time fly so fast. I don’t know If I should be happy, sad or what. All I know is that I’m not expecting anything. Changes? Yeh? Matured? Hmmm… I don’t know what to say really. I don’t know how to react with this turning 18 and all. Should I view it as just an ordinary day like I use to during my past ones or what?! Seriously. I remember posting some deep shit during my 17th year of breathing and for some reason, I still feel like that, I mean the same way I viewed things during my birthday. Maybe I’ll repost it on the day itself. Blaaaah blaah empty head…

So first day of school and I was a bit shy with my block mates. They’re fun though.
So far so good. Saw some of my Hs friends here at UST and bonded with them for a while. I’m still exploring the school and the environment but I could figure this place out. I just need to learn how to save money though and not be shy.

This will be the next best years of my life! Go USTe!

The reason why was because you people were already there. I didn’t went because you are there and so are your jokes that’s no longer funny. I picked what I chose even if I could have had better because of my personal reasons, reasons you won’t understand.

I’m a mess right now.

working on my third poem for today but I won’t be able to post it ‘cause I’m just using my iPod.

I’m open to comments and criticism. I need these so I could write better but please go easy on me because I’m not really good with poetry.

I shall do great with my life and be the best me that I could be. I shall live an amazing life and when I get awarded for something incredible, you will be part of my speech….

"ohh and yeah…. this award is not for you but thanks for fucking me up and making a mess out of me…. but here I am.. so screw you!"

A few more days and I’m out of here. No more yelling, no more being caught in the middle of a stupid argument. NO MORE!

I sat down then saw a lizard and said to it:

"Hey yoh better not be pregnant cause teenage pregnancy problems are blooming… if it was like an investment I’d be on it’s peak in just nine months."

then I laugh and I was worried.

I was totally worried.

May to do list(important):

[  ] revisit the dorm to know what needs to be done

[  ] Buy some appliances for the dorm.

[  ] Buy some groceries for supply

[  ] Apply for a credit card

[  ] Get a new phone and laptop (i wish :| )

[x] Download lots and lots of movies to keep me company when I am bored

[x] Kill someone >:)

[  ] Learn other routes from home to school and vice versa.

Fuck you! That’s why.

I want to get to know you people. Message me and let’s talk! Just have a topic ready or whatever